Made in Italy

The production process

The collections of bathroom furniture signed by Q’in, is a mix of artisanal experience and industrial capabilities, directed at achieving a product of total artistic and constructive perfection.
Expert glassmakers and advanced machinery work side by side at every stage of realization.

Individual skills and advanced technology coexist in a production process all inside the company, organized with precision, performed with passion and controlled with accuracy.


Q'in is made by the people and by their ability to know how to be compared. A continuous dialogue and continued not in the respect of a hierarchical but, on the contrary, horizontal business vision, because every small detail can be resolved in the way best and more effective, as it's possible.

Trained staff that renews him in a run of teaching / learning handed down by the oldest generations to those more young people because every passage never goes lost, but rather always improved.


Q'in is born as brand of the Vetreria Gobbini, solid reality and affirmed, to contact with the market of the furnishings from over 20 years.

The quality of the realizations pushes the ownership to give life to a line of products and exclusive collections that show the cleverness of the group in the art of the workmanship of the glass.

The production moves into the new building in January of the 2010: an area of 4000 square meters Including the new offices, a meeting room, showroom and the outlet, as well as a lounge pose and, of course, the area devoted to production with ovens and machineries of last generation.

Glass and design reflections of excellence


Artisans of the glass. The incessant work to learn and to experiment new techniques, to improve the workmanships already assimilated that they make by now part of the patrimony of the group to offer a perfect product to the client.

The precision is guaranteed from advangarded robot, placed side by side by experienced operators that verify the conditions of every single component.
A constant investment in technology, search, personnel, design.

“The awareness to know how to offer an extraordinary object is given by the passion and by the preparation that we put in everything that we do.”

Fabrizio Gobbini, CEO